¢Â Company Introduction



  Easylite Corporation, being a style of LED Product R&D and Consulting firm, completed

developing peristyle LED Luminaire, Factory-use LED Luminaire and Flood Light since it is establishment.


  It has been playing the role of production too since the completion LED ¡®Magic Plate¡¯ in 2015.

  Easylite Corporation,from the starting year of establishing it's firm on October 2006, has beenbreaking up high interest and attention from customers all over the world as anexpert manufacture of LED Luminaire having 10-year knowhow.


  Easylite Corporation has a product brand, as ¡®MagicPlate¡¯ as LED module of Complete Set Plate ready to connect directly Electric Power, having with World Patent, Certificates and Approvals (CE, RoHS, FCC, KC, and so on), was approved for the adapted technique by European Union and several countries who require to regulate Carbon Dioxide Emissions Amount after inauguration of Climate Change Convention in Paris in 2015.


  The Magic Plate, having it's Weight 1.3kgs / Max. Heat generation 50¡É / Thickness 4mm /

Heat Emitting Engine of innovative LED Lamp Converter, is applicable for allshapes of the Luminaire throughout the world.


  This application of state-of-the-art Technique can provide,

* Cost Saving for Replacement of; existing Luminaire, approx. max. 90%

* Lifetime Extension; max. 15 years without Repair

* Reduction of National Budget and to implement brighter environment at night

In Korea too, 20 more places were replaced with our Magic Plate that are savingNational Budget.


  We EasyliteCorporation, based on world-recognized technology, want to be a global enterprise

for brightening the World as well as for the goodness of the world.


Thank you.


Young Ju,LEE / COO

Dong Ho, JU / CTO






¢Â Company History


2001.05    Established Bandy Plex Co., Ltd.

2001.06    Developed fiber dimmer for development by Outdoor Lighting (The first common use Version, 150 Watt) 

2001.06    Got a certificate of qualification to competitive bids for Public Procurement Service Agency (Domestic)

2001.08    Became a membership in (Korea Electrical Contractors Association)

2001.08    Became a membership in (Korea Renewable Energy Association)

2002.02    Acquired Q Mark certification from  (Korea Electronics Industry Promotion Agency)

2002.03    Prize of Excellence Award (Landscape Lighting Design Competition of the 2002 World Cup - Seoul Mayor)

2005.10    Registered as subcontractor in Dealim Ind.

2006.09    Selected as a promising small businesses (Gyeonggi–do Province)

2006.10    Founded ¡°Youngwon Techwin¡± former name of Easylite Corp.

2008.11    Registered as subcontractor in Samsung Eng. & Const. Co., Ltd.

2009.08    Selected as Advisory company  for Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information

2010.08    Became a memebrship in Trade Organisation (KOTRA)

2010.11    Registered as subcontractor in Hyundai Eng. & Const. Co., Ltd.

2011.04    Selected as Joint Technology Development for Industry-University (Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea)

2013.07    Founded Korea LED Producer's Cooperation

2014. 10   Start online business

2015. 01   Launched ¡°Magic Plate¡± in market

2015. 04   Gold medal awarded in The International Inventions Exhibition / Geneva, Switzerland

2015. 06   Gold medal awarded The International Inventions Exhibition / Pittsburgh, USA

2016. 05   Company renamed ¡°Easylite Corporation¡±

2016. 09   Agency Contract for Magic Plate with AC Innova Factory / Spain

2015. 10   Patent Certificate / PCT International Unit

2015. 11   Participated in Dubai International Architecture

2015. 11   Gold medal awarded in The International  Inventions Exhibition / Seoul, Korea

2015. 12   Participated in Japan Import Fair

2015. 12   Obtained FCC certificate

2016. 01   Participated in Japan Light Exhibition

2016. 01   Obtaained CE/RoHS certificate

2016. 02   Obtained KC certificate

2016. 03   Participated in The Light and Building Exhibition / Frankfrut, Germany

2016. 03   Obtained Energy efficient equipment certificate

2016. 07  Bucheon-si Excellent Quality registration

2016. 10  Obtained G-pass Public Procurement 

2016. 10  Obtained Energy efficient equipmentcertificate (50w/100w)

2016. 11  Obtained Export Frontier Enterpries

2017. 08  Participated America Public Works Exhibition (APWA 2017 PWX)

2017. 09  Participated G-Fair Korea in Dubai 2017



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